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Double Opening PacSac • Hex-Rainfly • 6kN Rock Biners • TTT Moon Lightest Straps

Double Opening PacSac™


Replaces both Snake Skins and Carry Bag


Suitable for all Camping Hammocks

The Double Opening PacSac™ was originally designed to fit BOTH the Camping Hammock with large Hex Rainfly packed together, to replace the need for 2 x sets of Snakeskins. The PacSac is a universal pack-away system for Hammock Camping - offering one operation, packed ready to go.

When setting-up camp, pass one end of the hammock ridge-line thru the PacSac™ and secure this end to the first support. Leave the PacSac™ suspended on the ridge-line at the first support, while you go and secure the other end of your hammock support system.

When breaking camp, first untie the support at the PacSac™ end, then as you move towards the other support, gather your Hammock with or without the Fly, and pack away as you approach the other support. Your Hammock never needs to touch the ground, and is packed ready for transit.

With the double-opening feature you have the option of leaving both ridge-lines outside ready to attach, or packing them away together with the tree-huggers inside the Sac, so your personal belongings are always kept separate and dry. If the canopy gets wet, first roll up the hammock, then roll inside the fly before stuffing into your PacSac™.


Double Opening PacSac

Colour: Olive Green
Weight: 35gms
Fabric: Waterproof PU coated 70 Denier Ripstop Polyester

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Hennessy Hex-Rainfly

FREE PacSac Included when purchasing with Original Pro or Lightest Pro Hammock

Rainfly Dimensions: Ridgeline Length 3.6m x Width 3.0m
Rainfly Area: 10.8m²
Rainfly Weight: 650gm
Fabric: 70D Polyester with 2500 mm PU coating
Ridgeline Supports: 2 x 3m long lines
Reinforced Corners: 4 x storage pockets for 3m long support lines
Colour: Forest Green
Warranty: 12 months

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Klymit Standard V Pad

Klymit Standard V Pad with Hollow Air-Chambers

Packed Size: H 20cm (8”) x Dia 10cm (4”)
Weight: .8kg
V-Chamber Design: Restricts air movement between chambers
Valve Design: Flush inflation and deflation valves
Fabric: 20D Polyester
Repair: Patch kit included
Warranty: Klymit Manufacturers Lifetime

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Klymit Insulated V Pad

Klymit Insulated V Pad with Klymalite Synthetic Anti-Fungal Fill

Packed Size: H 20cm (8”) x Dia 15cm (6”)
Weight: .9kg
V-Chamber Design: Restricts air movement between chambers
Valve Design: Flush inflation and deflation valves
Fabric: 20D Polyester
Repair: Patch kit included
Warranty: Klymit Manufacturers Lifetime

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TTT Moon Lightest Tree Straps with Whoopie Cords


Lightest polyester tree-straps, with 2 x adjustable UHMWPE cords, is the perfect kit for the weight-conscious camper.

2 x 90cm x 2cm Polyester Tree Straps
2 x 160cm x 3mm Knotted UHMPE Cords
Weight: 95gms
Max Load: 200kg
Warranty: 10 years

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Haven Tents XL Mattress

Haven Tents™ XL Mattress

Box Baffles with transverse tubing maintain a flat sleeping platform with good insulation due to tube thickness, which adds extra to the weight. The stuff sac converts into a pump-bag for easy inflation.

Rated: R4
Length: 203cm
Width: 76cm
Weight: 1.3kg
Packed Size: 38cm x 12cm
Material: Orange 40D Ripstop Nylon

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Haven Tents Tree Straps

Haven Tents™ Tree Straps

2 x 2m x 25mm Polyester Tree Straps
8 x Adjustment Positions
Weight: 150gms

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Haven Tents™ Whoopie Slings

Haven Tents Whoopie Suspension System:
With a combined extension length of 360cm (12ft) these 3.5mm UHMWPE slings increase your site selection option - no more wasting time in fading-light hunting for trees that are just the right distance apart.
Whoopie Sling Video

Combined weight: 85gm
Working load: up to 180kg
2 x Whoopie Slings
2 x 12kN Mini-biners

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Singing Rock Mini-D Carabiners

Carabiners rated to 6kN (600kg) suitable for attaching hammock suspension webbing without any delay - different colours offer ease of hammock set-up, by identifying the end of your hammock, when opening PacSac.

Pack of 2
Weight: 24gms each

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Haven Ridge Light


A dimmable LED ridge light, great for those moonless nights in camp, setting the mood or as a camp lantern when packed up.

Strip Length: 2.0m
Weight: 100gms
Note: USB power source not provided

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