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Hammocks can be cold without insulation, and the Klymit Inflatable mattress is a multi-functional insulation pad, designed to fit all camping hammocks with single or double floor.

Klymit Hammock Pads have strategically placed non-slip zones on the top and bottom surfaces to keep your sleeping bag in place, and to prevent the pad from sliding out from under, when turning over in your hammock. With it’s intelligently designed and smartly engineered V-chambers, the Klymit air pad conforms to the concave curvature of the hammock - anatomical and strategically positioned ‘wings’ eliminate cold spots, most commonly associated with shoulders and knees, when using cheap inner-pads and mats. This uniquely concave conforming product is a favourite amongst discerning Hammock Campers, and includes the manufacture's Lifetime Warranty for exceptional quality!

Klymit Hammock InsulatedKlymit Hammock Insulated

Best alternative to bulky ‘underquilts’.

When hammocking, insulation is required ‘under the body', and air-mattresses perform at their peak with full-pressure. With falling air-temperatures from daytime to nighttime, there will be a corresponding reduction in air-volume, causing a lowering of pressure inside the air-mattress.

Depending on the season and ambient temperature, it is important to check your air-mattress pressure at night-time. Body weight has the potential to compress low-pressured baffles, causing loss of body heat, and it is important to ’top-up’ the baffles before climbing in for the night. Using an electric pump to initially fill baffles is fine, but the ‘top-off" must be done with breath-work, which is more powerful than a portable pump.

Ratings & Insulation

Klymit Insulated V Pad

Klymit Insulated V Pad with Klymalite Synthetic Anti-Fungal Fill

Packed Size: H 20cm (8”) x Dia 15cm (6”)
Weight: .9kg
Inflated Dimensions: L 2.0m x Wings 1.15m
V-Chamber Design: Restricts air movement between chambers
Valve Design: Flush inflation and deflation valves
Fabric: 20D Polyester
Repair: Patch kit included
Warranty: Klymit Manufacturers Lifetime

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Flextailgear Max Pump 2 Pro

4-in-1 Power Pump + Lantern + Charger + Bellows

Weight: 160gms incl Battery
Dimension: H78mm x D52mm
Inflate Power: 300L/min at 4-5Pa
Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Dimmable Power Saver Light
Self-converts into a Torch
Cell Phone Charger
Fire Starter Bellows

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Klymit Insulated Hammock V Pad

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