Hennessy Set-Up

The Hennessy ridge-line ‘lashing’ is time consuming to set up, and has no adjustment! A quick adjustable ridge-line set-up is essential when low-light conditions or rain is threatening.

A Prussic Knot can be tied in seconds, using the single Hennessy line, or ‘doubled’ when trees are close together. The adjustable prussic knot is a versatile knot that can be used for numerous situations.

How to tie a Prusik Knot
Hennessy lashing with no adjustment!

The prussic knot is suitable for many applications - rain-canopy tie-outs using roots, logs, bushes etc, instead of carrying accessory pegs with the risk of loss.

A prussic knot will not slip when tied and dressed (adjusted) correctly. It is important to practice (by repetition) tying this knot before leaving on a trip, so time is not lost in low-light, or when rain is threatening.

Hennessy Ridge-Line Prussic Knot

The Optimum load-line angle.
Quick 30° Hammock Hang check
How to tie a Prusik Knot
Prussic Knot tied on ‘double' Hennessy ridge-line
How to tie a Prusik Knot
Dress (adjust) the prussic-knot before tightening

Adjustable Prussic for Hammocks with Hanging Cords

Bowline Knot


Prussic Knot

PacSac™ Set-Up for Camping Hammocks

Hennessy Safari Zip with Hex Fly, needs 2 x sets of Snake Skins or 1 x PacSac

Camp set-up showing PacSac with Hammock and HexFly

NB: To stop rain-water running down a ridge-line into your hammock, tie a short length of string firmly to the ridge-line close to the hammock. This acts as a ‘dam' and diverts rain-water to drip down the string, keeping your hammock dry. The PacSac is suitable for all hammocks and rain-canopies.

The double-opening PacSac is the most convenient system for setting up in low-light, or threatening weather, and breaking down camp, offering one combined operation for your Hammock and Fly!

PacSac™ Hanging Information

PackSac set-up with Safari when rain not expected: PacSac set-up when rain is expected: Normal Dimensions for packed Hammock with HexFly: Compressed Dimensions for Hammock with HexFly:

Double Opening PacSac

Colour: Olive Green
Weight: 35gms
Fabric: Waterproof PU coated 70 Denier Ripstop Polyester

Add to Cart - $35   In Stock


Always check for damage after using your Hammock. Inspect suspension systems regularly for wear and tear. When lighting a fire, be aware of the direction of the prevailing wind and establish the fire-pit down wind, so embers float away from your hammock and not towards it! .. Children must always have adult supervision.

Breaking Camp

Before leaving camp, make a habit of walking a ‘circuit’ to check nothing is left behind. Every piece of equipment carried in, is essential for comfort and survival.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning your Camping Hammock– hand wash using mild detergent, rinse and air dry. Always dry your Hammock thoroughly before storing. Damp gear will become musty, but mildew will not damage the synthetic materials used in the construction – mildew will only attack vegetable fibres. If your Hammock smells musty, simple follow the hand-wash instructions above.

Insulation Survival Skills

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