Skills to Enjoy Nature

Rain & Wind is a lethal combination, especially at altitude. If caught out by bad weather on the trail, first seek shelter from the wind, then decide how best to stay dry, with the potential to still find dry tinder to light a fire, for cooking when raining. When hiking with a group, always carry an extra canopy, to shelter under to discuss objectives - these are a few important factors to consider, in combination with good equipment.

Food - stay healthy and try to avoid processed food, which is full of toxic chemicals. Organic wholemeal oats, rice and lentils, are excellent for sustenance, but require a lot of fuel, water and time to cook, which is a trade-off. In Nepal, the porters who stock the tourist lodges and carry enormous loads up to Everest base-camp, eat only chapattis (wholemeal wheat) dal (lentils) and bhaat (wholegrain rice) with spices, and don’t understand why westerners need to vary their diet daily!

Important Skills for Survival in the Wilderness:

Spending time-out in Nature, is often the best therapy for our culture's lack of initiation into adulthood, with it’s artificial life-style attractions and toxic distractions - stay connected.

Experience is gained on the trail from making mistakes, so never give up, just make sure you make lots of small mistakes, and never one big one! Use 'layering’ to maintain skin temp comfort, and avoid perspiring, especially late in the day as the sun goes down, when clothing will remain damp and cold, due to perspiration holding moisture from body-salts.

When packing for a trip, fill your back-pack in reverse, according to your daily needs, with warm clothing and rain-gear packed last, so these essentials are immediately available when needed ...

The following statements are intended to highlight what a novice camper needs to become familiar with: Camp Set Up Insulation

Take only Photos - Leave only Footprints

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