Ticket To The Moon Full Moon Tarp - The Storm Shelter

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Full Moon Tarp

Full Moon Tarp

All coloured Guy Cords include adjustable Snap-Buckles with Mini-Carabiners

4 x 1.5m Yellow Corner Cords
4 x 1.0m Tie Out Cords
4 x 1.5m Yellow Mid Fabric Cords
2 x 2.5m Blue Ridge Line Cords

Ticket To The Moon was established in 1996 in Bali, Indonesia, and is still today's leader in hammock design, with quality craftsmanship and an Industry Best 10-year Warranty. TTT Moon Hammock Camping products will outlast all copies of their design, and manufacturing processing. The Full Moon Tarp is the latest component in the camping range to keep life in the great outdoor, dry and comfortable.

The TTT Moon Full Moon Tarp is superbly hand-crafted using Sil-Nylon and can be set-up in a number of different configurations depending upon the weather or need - as a large diamond tarp in mild conditions, with maximum airflow and visibility, or as a fully closed storm-shelter, with reinforced corners. Get creative, depending on the weather - one side can be set-up off the ground, with sufficient room beneath for cooking.

Fabric: High-quality, recycled rip-stop sil-nylon 20Denier (the lower the number the higher the yarn count) with 1500mm (resistance to 1.5m vertical water pressure). Fully-waterproofed with wicking-yarn for sil-nylon ridge-seam, and also quiet in heavy rain - a superb bit of kit!.

Tie-out pockets include reinforced seam-sealed patches, with adjustable press-button closures, all containing adjustable snap-buckles with mini-carabiners.

Lightweight 20D Ripstop Sil-Nylon
Colour: Forest
Dimensions: 3.2m x 2.8m
Diagonal measurement: 4.25m
Area: 9.0 sqm
Full-kit weight: 750gms
Reduced Kit weight: 670gms, without 6 x ground stakes.
Note: Roots and low branches etc, will often substitute as tie-out points.

Full Moon Tarp

TTT Moon Full Moon Tarp

FREE Double Opening PacSac
2 x 2.5m Blue ridge-line extension cords
4 x 1.5m Yellow tie-out cords at mid-fabric
4 x 1.5m Yellow tie-out cords at ground corners
4 x 1.0m Orange tie-out cords at ground level
2 x .35m Yellow cords with adjustable buckles at entrance
6 x 18cm Orange Y shaped alloy ground stakes, with pull cords
16 x Tie-out cords with press-button storage pockets

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