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Hammock World PacSac™

The New Zealand made Double Opening PacSac™ is a universal pack-away system for Hammock Camping – offering one operation, packed and ready to go!

When setting-up camp, pass one end of the hammock ridge-line thru the PacSac™ and secure this end to the first support – leave the PacSac™ suspended on the ridge-line at the first support, while you go and secure the other end of your hammock support system.

When breaking camp, first untie the support at the PacSac™ end, then as you move towards the other support, gather your Hammock with or without the Fly, and pack away as you approach the other support. Your Hammock never needs to touch the ground, and is packed ready for transit.

With the double-opening feature you have the option of leaving both ridge-lines outside ready to attach, or packing them away together with the tree-huggers inside the PacSac™, so your personal belongings are always kept separate and dry. If the canopy is wet, first roll up the hammock, then roll inside the fly before stuffing into your PacSac™.

Drawing of PacSac used on a hammock.
Replaces both Snake Skins and Carry Bag
The PacSac
Suitable for all Camping Hammocks

Hennessy Hammock Set-Up

Select two suitable trees approximately 4m apart. Wrap the webbing strap around the tree and pass the Hennessy ridge-cord thru the webbing loops, then tie-off temporally with a half-hitch – repeat at the other support. Adjust both supports until your Hennessy Tent is hanging level or slightly higher/lower at the head-end as you prefer. The Hennessy mid-point should be at knee-height above the ground under loaded tension, then secure both support points with reliable friction knots. Stake-out the two side cords to suitable anchor points – roots, bushes, rocks etc.

The Optimum load-line angle.
Optimum load-line angle
How to tie a Prusik Knot
Optimum load-line angle

Knee height hanging position.
Set your Hennessy up with mid-point at knee-height above the ground under load tension

Hennessy Canopy Set-Up

Set the asymmetrical fly according to expected weather. Clip the ‘O’ rings at each end of the fly to the hooks on the sliding ‘tensioners’ attached to the ridge-cord on your Hennessy, then slide the tensioners apart until the fly is tensioned correctly. The small hooks located at the ends of the fly can now be clipped onto the ridge-cord – this will keep the fly close to the Hennessy ridge-cord in gusty weather. Stake out the side cords and adjust the fly angle according to expected weather conditions – setting the angle of the fly more perpendicular to the weather will offer the most protection.

Hennessy Hammock Set-Up with Hex-Rainfly

The Hex-Rainfly can be set-up separately if necessary, before your Hennessy is set-up – this can be an advantage in rainy conditions to keep your Hennessy and kit dry. For regular set-up follow Hennessy Hammock Set-Up.

Entering a Classic Velcro Bottom Model

Open the Velcro closure, walk in, turn around and back-up to the start of the Velcro opening before sitting down slightly to the ‘left’ of centre. Now lift your legs up through the entrance and place your feet into the pocket of fabric on the right side. Lay back and stretch out to remove any wrinkles underneath – the Velcro will automatically close under your body weight. Move your upper body to the left side – lying diagonally will offer the most comfortable sleeping position.

Entering a Side Zippered Model

To avoid damage to the mesh zipper, always unzip the zipper completely before entering. Sit down and partially close both zippers before lifting your legs inside to your left, then completely close the zipper. Lay back with the zipper on your right-hand side. Now move into the diagonal position by placing your feet into the pocket of fabric on the right side. Move your upper body to the left side – lying diagonally will offer the most comfortable sleeping position.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning your Hennessy Tent – hand wash using mild detergent, rinse and air dry. Always dry your Hennessy thoroughly before storing to avoid colour bleeding. Damp gear will become musty, but mildew will not damage the synthetic materials used in the construction of your Hennessy – mildew will only attack vegetable fibres. If your Hennessy smells musty, simple follow the hand-wash instructions above.


Always check for damage after using your Hennessy – inspect suspension systems regularly for wear and tear. Do not smoke, cook or light fires inside your Hennessy Tent and children must always have adult supervision.

Hennessy Hammock Guarantee

With proper care, your Hennessy will last for many years. Hennessy Hammocks are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for one year from date of purchase. When you receive your Hennessy, remove it from the package, set it up, and inspect it to ensure that it is complete – check your hammock’s weight limit and remember that Hennessy Hammocks are guaranteed only for use by one person.

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